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CCTA Certification R81.20 and old exam questions

I did the CCTA R81.20 certification today to renew my CCSM Elite. Fortunately I also passed;-)
Many topics were changed between R80.30 and R81.20 and I studied for the R81.20 exam.

The new R81.20 exam questions still include many old questions that are no longer included in the R81.20 training material (R81.20 course overview -> Objectives). In my view, about 15% of the old questions that are no longer relevant to the new course should be deleted and a few new ones added.

But for some examinees this could be confusing.

For example questions to:
     - Passive Streaming Library
     - Context Management
     - Protocol Parser
     - Protections
     - Policy conversion process
     - IPS false positives
     - fw monitor -> absolut and relative positions
     - Trail and eval licenses

Maybe someone should revise this question pool.

Personally, I liked the old questions more.

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Hi Heiko,

I assume with your experience you have not done the training but only studied the R81.20 study book? Or what have you used to study?

I have done the same exam (CCTA and CCTE). The only legacy issue I recall is fw monitor changes. 

But in a way it is not a bad idea to learn both. In general I liked to exam and is improved a lot from the past. In a way legacy questions will be always an issue in the IT world. It changes so often that it is not really possible to keep the exam inline with the current situation. Also it is a good way to 'test' the real world experience with the product. Not everything you learn from the book.

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This is good feedback @HeikoAnkenbrand .  I would mention that to @Jason_Tugwell if you feel there is irrelevant information in the exams.  Be prepared to give examples, if you can.



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During the exam, you are welcome to provide your feedback through the standard Pearson Vue tules, there are special fields for each question there, if my recollection is correct. You need to fill them in before closing the exam though.

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