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CCSM Benefits

I recently acquired my CCSM Certification for R80. I had the previous CCSM as well.

I noticed on the Check Point Certification page for R80.X it mentions one of the Benefits of a CCSM is the ability to "Bypass wait times and Fast Track to a Support Engineer". 

What exactly does this mean?

Do I call Check Point Support and give my Check Point ID#?

I assume a support contact must exist first.?

Just curious, as there really wasn't any direction provided regarding to this benefit.


Dave Taylor

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The assumption is that you're UserCenter account is associated with a company that has a support agreement in place.
If you call the TAC in that case, I believe you're routed to a Level 2 engineer.
But someone will correct me if I'm wrong 😆

Thanks. we work with a Check Point partner for support so I always get their Level 1, then escalated to Check Point's Level 1. I don't like to sound arrogant, but I've typically done everything each of them will request before it gets to a higher level at Check Point. I'm just looking for a way to save time if it's possible.
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Buy direct support and you will be able to remove the CCSP line 1, and as CCSM certified, get a tier 3 CP engineer.

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"If you call the TAC in that case, I believe you're routed to a Level 2 engineer."

This is what CheckPoint said, but in the real world you have to discuss very hard with TAC to pass the first level.

We got this with our company relationship to CheckPoint as an support partner, but none of our own CCSMs or customer CCSMs.

I really agree, this will be very helpfully to save time.


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Hi Dave,

Support contacts with CCSM certification are indeed entitled for fast path to an expert engineer (Tier 3),  this happens automatically,  if the user created the Support Service Request is recognized  with CCSM certification, the system will alert to dispatch the SR to an Expert Support engineer.






great to know that with CCSM certification you can save some time with support!
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I find my experience tends to vary greatly each time I create a ticket (whether online, calling in or as a sub ticket of an existing ticket that the CP support person creates).

What would be really useful is a way to identify what level of engineer you are dealing with when you call in.  That said, even if you don't have that info on the initial call, at least if they had it in their signature, on the ticket correspondence it would help.

I understand the need for training support personnel, and having them work the tickets, but if I'm calling in for support, after 20 years of dealing with CP, and having a CCSM (first CCSE was in 2001), then I need someone to help that doesn't put me on hold to ask someone else what the 'next step' is.

Lately, I've gotten to a point where I have to escalate to the team manager if I'm stuck in that situation, and then things happen pretty quickly.


Just my 2 cents.



Hello @Ricky_Nissanov 

It doesn't always work, that we get an expert engineer (Tier 3) as CCSM. Now I add all my Check Point certifications with the Heiko Ankenbrand acclaim badges link to the mail footer and it works. If not, the escalation button also helps😀.

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