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CCSE Update R80 - New exam available now!


Check Point Certified Security Expert Update exam is now available on Pearson VUE!
This exam is based on the R80.10 CCSE certification training course. If you ever held a CCSE certification, even if it is currently expired, you are eligible for this Update exam. So you don't need to start over with CCSA R80.
Exam code: 156-915.80
Language: English
Program Announcement
Check Point Certified Security Expert proves troubleshooting skills and the ability to maximize the performance of security networks.
Check Point Exam Overview
Check Point Certification FAQ

Quick reference for Check Points new R80 exam numbers:

  • 156-215.80 – CCSA
  • 156-315.80 – CCSE
  • 156-915.80 – CCSE Update
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Hopefully, Jason Tugwell‌ will see this,



This issue with bad/wrong questions has existed since I took my first CP exam almost 20 years ago and it's the primary reason why I didn't keep my certifications up to date when my employer didn't require I have it.

My current employer now wants me to regain my certification and I'm disappointed (but not surprised) to see that exactly the same issues are still present today Smiley Sad


I have to tell you my friend CCSA R80 exam is the same - multiple correct answers or no correct answer in some cases. Not to mention there are plenty of R7x questions which a probably a leftover copy/pasted from a previous pool of questions (this is valid as of 1 month ago and before someone says - I left plenty of comments during the exam, thanks for leaving this option open). Really disappointing for a $300 exam. I've done Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Microsoft, and Fortinet exams and quality control on Checkpoint exams is by far the lowest. I passed the exam but the disappointment stays with me. I'm sure it will be the same for CCSE R80 (the regular, not the update exam) based on people's comments around here...if I ever manage to take the exam because this ridiculous company ran by chimpanzees called Pearson VUE managed to sabotage my exam with some stupid "payment processing error" on their website just prior me sitting the exam claiming they hadn't charged me (and of course they did). Absolutely non-existing customer support - I waited 2 hours to get in a chat queue that tells me to go to the phone support (another 1 hour call to Australia that cost a kidney) which tells me to send an e-mail and go f*ck myself. I had to spend SIX WEEKS exchanging over 20 e-mails trying to get a refund from these knuckleheads and of course now I can't use the 35% discount code Checkpoint was offering until 15th June.

They refuse to provide a replacement discount code and I urge everyone to boycott them until vendors (CheckPoint and others) provide us with an alternative to Pearson. There used to be Prometric which were quite OK, what happened with them and why is Pearson a monopolist nowadays? Their online platform for "proctored" exams is horrible at best. You cannot login less than 15 minutes before the start, you need to download a huge piece of software, upload 6 full-resolution images from your phone, then do it a second time because it never works from the first time, then pray this happens within 15 minutes from the exam start hour. And if this is not enough then you get your exam interrupted by their stupid software because SKYPE WAS RUNNING?!? How did this happen when there is a pre-check for running software and everything was validated to be in order by their software and so called proctor? Their software goes fullscreen, you can't Alt+Tab or anything else. Or god forbid your Internet connection is not 100Mbps international peering - their software claims to be disconnected and forces you to restart the validation process (of course after you have uploaded the 6 images). It's just **bleep** built upon **bleep** built upon **bleep** as we used to say for our infrastructure in a company I worked in the past.

Just look at their Trustpilot score and Facebook community reviews:

This is by far the **bleep**tiest of all IT companies on planet Earth!

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I also took the exam yesterday.
I passed (jay for me) however still the exam has the same auto-correct errors (1 year later). Some questions are formulated very badly or questionable.

I don't mind a trick question here and there. But if you have to start constructing your questions in such a way that even fluent English speakers would have to read it 2 to 3 times to actually derive the question....)

We invest time and money in this exam to get the certification yet it seems checkpoint can't even find the time to proofread their own questions before sending it in as an official exam( it's lazy/unprofessional at best, incompetent at worst)

At least send new exams out to your internal experts before sending it to Pearson Vue. They should be able to filter out a lot of the obvious auto-correct errors and confusing/badly formulated questions.

If that is not possible. have some ccse and ccsm volunteer to take a new beta exam for free with extensive feedback, if they pass they get the certificate if they fail it was a free attempt.

Currently I've taken FREE practice exams from other vendors that are better constructed then this exam that costs 200+ dollars.
But seeing as nothing changed in the past I don't expect any change by this post either. An empty promise to look into it at best...



Sadly this has been my experience with Check Point exams for years, regardless of level (CCSA, CCSE, CCSM). Compared to the 10+ other vendors I've done various Pearson VUE exams for, the quality of CP exams is abysmal, sadly.

When will CCSE be updated again? Specifically with R80.40 coverage.

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I just sat the CCSE Update exam this morning, passed with a score of 86%.

I must say my experience was unlike anything mentioned earlier in the thread.  Absolutely no questions on R77.30 at all.  Due to the feedback on this thread I kept a very close eye for any idiosyncrasies as well as spelling & grammar mistakes - I did not spot any.

As far as the actual questions go - I never got the feeling that they were trying to catch me out with any of the questions, on the contrary, one could almost always eliminate two answers straight off the bat.  Questions varied from very easy, to a couple of very difficult ones for me.  Also had about 5 high-level marketing type questions.

I have no idea if the exam question pool have changed, what was mentioned is that ten questions will not be scored, which gives me the impression that they are testing / introducing new questions.

I made use of the prep exams that one can purchase on Pearson Vue, that was a great help as I think I got about 15 questions off there, so basically "free" marks.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I passed the CCSA exam last week and looking forward to go further.
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