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CCSA exam

Hello Checkpoint Community ,

  This is my first post so i will be very simple question. I work as a new network engineer , very limited practical experience , My knowledge will be equal to network+ certification etc. i have just cleared F5 101 in one go and now preparing for CCSA and then CCSE . This is a requirement for our customer as we provide support and sell contracts and provide supports for our partner products.

   Question is Rather simple , How much do you think it should take to pass CCSA certification. i dont actively work with the product. i have lab environment and official R80.10 book . I study 8 hours a day , 6 hours at jobb and 1 hour at home , Any tips will be appreciated . I just dont only want to clear certification but earn the knowledge as well to provide support to our customers.

Thankx in advance.

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First, we have a Training and Certification space, where I moved this thread.
As the exam is meant to be a mix of practical and "book" experience, you should definitely work with the product a bit.
You'll definitely get some experience helping customers with various issues.
Participating on the community is also a good way to get some product knowledge as well.
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I wouldn't focus on the actual time that you spend with studying - just make sense out of your materials and time. The goal shouldn't be to achieve the certification as fast as possible but instead to understand every required point.

However, I guess if you study on a daily basis 1-2 months for the CCSA and 3-4 months for the CCSE can be realistic. Of course there are people who need more time and also some that can do it in much less time. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, just focus on your studying process and keep the certification goal in the back of your mind if that makes sense. 🙂

Here are some points that should be helpful:

> build a lab, do whatever you can and read about yourself

> play with the lab, break something of the configuration, fix it and repeat

> get familiar with the exam topics (see here for CCSA and here for CCSE)

> read the admins guides

> be part of the community, read through the latest threads (regarding news, problems etc.)

>>> keep track on threads that describe problems and also solutions

> espcially for the CCSA the official study guide points you in the required direction

> the CCSE study guide is still based on R77, but I did a write-up last October to what to expect and how to prepare for the R80 CCSE, you can find it here (I try to keep it up to date with further information that I can find)

> there are lots of different threads where the same questions were asked, with some more information that could be helpful, like for example this one




There is a great thread called Check Point for Beginners, where you can find very useful information for you, as a starting point 🙂

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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i hope you have got on well with your exam. Can I ask what the official r80.10 study book is please?

many thanks

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