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CCSA R80 or R77.30

Hello all, new to checkmates about 3 years experience will R77.30. Would exam should I take? Obviously I have experience will r77.30.

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Re: CCSA R80 or R77.30

Considering that R77.30 will be End of Support in a year or so, I would get your certification against R80.x.

Re: CCSA R80 or R77.30

I'd take the test that makes me feel safer. If you have more experience with R77.30, make the CCSA R77.30. Just note that the CCSE R77.30 is only possible for a limited time.

You can't do anything wrong with the R80.10. 

From my experience! I have already done many R80.10 migrations. However, I chose R77.30 CCSE and CCSM. But I would choose R80.10 now.

You can also ask Jason Tugwell . He is responsible for certifications at Check Point.




Re: CCSA R80 or R77.30

Considering you have 3 years experience with R77.30 and no experience yet with R80 I'd strongly recommend you to show your expertice by doing the CCSA R77.30 exam. The exam you'll receive will be 100% identical to the R80 cert and valid for the same two years. Even though R77.30 is still listed to go out of support in May 2019 this is very unlikely as important functions, such as SmartWorkflow etc., are not part of R80.10 yet and also not planned to be included with the upcoming R80.20.