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CCSA R80 Exam


i want to be careful how I ask this as I am not looking for exam question! 

I have always done Cisco exams so I buy a book, do some revision from it and take the exam. I know what to expect. With CP it seems there aren’t text to buy and I have no idea what to expect. 

can anyone tell me, without breaking NDA, is the exam just your demonstration of how to use the system (console, managers, gateway’s) or is there more to it?

Is it possible to say what to expect without breaking NDA and how best to study? I have been using Checkpoint for years so hope to be ok on the exam but feel like I am flying blind as I am not going on a course. 

Thanks for your help. 

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Firstly, thanks for respecting the official ways of doing things. 

For your specific question, CCSA overview is actually a public document:

Indeed, e-book materials are only available through authorised parties listed here:

The reason is, those text books are designed for instructor-led classes and not for self-study.

You can use Check Point official documentation, Check Point for Beginners series in the community, and also leverage your own hands-on experience with the products, if you cannot attend any of the official courses, in class or virtual. However, attending an official course raises your chances to pass the exam.


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