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Hello Dear,

More 2 weeks ago I was installing the license but without success because some blades (IPS, Threat Emulation, Anti-Virus & Anti-Bot...) are not activated and I could not see the feedback of the information in the logs or the reports.
In short we installed the R77.30 and R80.10 and R80.20 version on the physical and virtual appliance but we found the same error like the attached files.
It should be noted that I created a ticket called "LICENSE OF ACTIVATION" and the support made a remote access and affirmed the license was installed well and valid but some blades still not activated.

Please I am waiting for your help and thank you.Error checkpoint.PNGError R80.10.PNG

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Please verify that in addition to the licenses you have also attached the contracts to the firewall object in the SmartUpdate.

This is the .xml file that is downloaded from the same section of the User Center as the license file(s).

In addition, please verify that the date, time, timezone and DNS are correctly configured on both, your management and the gateway and that your management server and gateway have the ability to connect to the Check Point update services.


Thanks to you Vladimir, of course the license and the contract have been installed well and the the date, time, timezone are those of my country "Abidjan- Ivoiry Coast" and also the DNS are ok because from my device (Appliance) I can ping the global addresses like "Google" for instance. And as said a remote access has been made via "Zoom" by the support of the licenses and we affirmed the license and contract are well installed. let remark the settings are "All and One" on the same Appliance.


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Following your screenshot ... Your installed policy is the "InitialPolicy". This is the policy if the appliance never got an policy install after installation. Did you push once the policy ?


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Thanks to you Wolfgang yes I tried but is not possible to push the "InitialPolicy" because the output failed. look at the attached file.

But I create a ticket and I am going to try this solution.


Thank you

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You need to look at the error causing the policy installation in the SmartConsole and fix it.  The errors displayed for the blades will not go away until you do so.  You have enabled all the errored blades on your gateway in the SMS config, so it is querying the gateway for the status of those blades.  However because you have not yet successfully installed policy to the gateway (replacing InitialPolicy), those blades have not actually been activated on the gateway yet and thus they are not answering the status query.

Properly installing the policy to the gateway will fix this.


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