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Allowing VOIP through IPS

Hi guys,

An end user's VOIP traffic is being allowed through the configured firewall policies but it's being blocked by his IPS which reads:

"SCCP - 3rd party registration is not allowed"

"In order to allow SCCP third party registration, please set 'skinny_block_3rd_party_registration' in GuiDBedit to false"

So my question is, would doing the above affect or break anything else?

Many thanks.

2 Replies

As always, side effects must be considered - but here it is rather easy !

- change the skinny_block_3rd_party_registration parameter to false

- perform a policy install

- if the issue is resolved, just be happy Smiley Happy

- if the issue is not resolved, open a SR# with CP TAC and change skinny_block_3rd_party_registration parameter to default true again


Thanks, I just thought it best to ask in case there are any known issues with the setting in question as I wasn't able to find any online.