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This Week in CheckMates 18 March 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!
Past and future posts will be available here: The CheckMates Blog
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What Happened This Week? A Lot.

@Valeri_Loukine did a CheckMates Live event in Ireland and I did two in Denmark with @Oren_Koren and Avishai Duer:



The major thing that happened this past week was the migration to the new community platform, something that was at least a year in the making:



As with any migration of this nature, a few challenges were encountered. Not all the data could be migrated automatically, like the videos, which will be migrated by hand. The features aren't exactly the same as the old platform. Some things in the site design need tweaking. Nerd knobs need turning. There's definitely more work to do in order to make this new place feel like home.

We will rapidly iterate to address the various issues you've told us about and we've encountered ourselves. As we're big on transparency, we'll do our best to keep you all informed as improvements are made. Keep your feedback coming, positive or negative!

Info about the new platform we've shared so far:

Community Highlights

Despite the challenges caused by the migration, there was no shortage of conversations in the community this week:

Ultimate Collection of Check Point Links

This is a post @Valeri_Loukine put together a few months back that I just spent a lot of time with to update all the links and to ensure the videos were uploaded. Lots of great stuff here if you're just starting out with Check Point!

Multiple clish Commands from R80 Script Repository Possible?

There are ways, yes.

API with MDS Environment

When working with the API, remember to publish when you make changes, MDS or otherwise.

Is It Possible to Get an Overview of All Traffic to a Specific Country?

In R80.20, yes.

R80.20 Fresh Install to Sandbox TE100X Appliance has Kernel 2.6, Is It Normal?

For the moment, yes.

Establishing Trust Based on Signed Certificates Between Cisco ISE and Identity Collector

A how-to document.

Security Management: Videos and Hands-On Lab Booklet from CPX

If you didn't go to CPX 360 this year, here's one of the things you missed!

R80.20 Management in VMware

What basic settings you need.

Where Used between HTTPS Inspection and SmartConsole

If you use HTTPS Inspection on R80.x, watch out for this one!

Monitoring of Connection Tables

Doing it remotely via SNMP or similar.

Adding a Third 5800 to a Current 5800 Firewall Cluster

Some things to keep in mind here.

Linux for Check Point

While not strictly required, it's helpful to know some.

Upcoming Events

We are now maintaining our event calendar in Google Calendar.
You can browse our calendar of events here: CheckMates Calendar 
Upcoming events include:

If you would like a CheckMates Live event in your area, get in contact with us: