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vmcore file in /var/log/crash file

Hi Community Experts,

I have noticed vmcore-incomplete file in /var/log/crash directory which consume 21 GB of disk space. It was generated 2 years ago.

I have 2 questions, can you help me with that.

How these files are getting generated automatic or manually by someone running some commands?

Are we good to delete this file as it consumes high disk space unable to upgrade gateway?

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These dumps are gernerated automatically if something goes wrong on the system. Enable generation of kernel core dump file on Check Point Security Gateway on SecurePlatform / Gaia 

If you you want to know what's going on 2 years ago you can open TAC case and Check Point will analyze the file to find the root cause of the dump.

But I think a 2 year old file can be savely deleted of there are no known problems with the system.

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