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to know about how much required

hello support,

i would like to know how much RAM required to enable the threat prevention components(ips ,anti-bot,anti-virus,Threat emulation and threat extraction ) in the particular gateway. kindly also let me know about is there any specific SK related to that also.why i have ask this questions .im a partner of Checkpoint sometimes customer asking this questions to me . at that time i have searching SK related to that but i could not fine any details for specific information . i am expecting the exact ram size need to know . it will be really appriciated if someone share the details with us.

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Employee Employee

How much traffic / connections is the gateway going to be handling?

sk145773 describes memory requirements for Web Extraction as an example. 

Probably best to review in detail with your local SE.

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Just to make sure. This is a user community, not an official support tool. 

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Actually, thats really good question! I had people ask me that before, but in all honesty, its hard to say for sure and here is why. I agree 100% with @Chris_Atkinson all depends on traffic and how much specific processes will consume. I worked with client who was using all those blades and worked fine with 16 GB of ram, but personally, I would suggest 32 GB. Not telling you that cause I want you to spend more money ( I do NOT), its simply because its better be safe than sorry as they say. Yes, you can always add more RAM later, but I like to be proactive rather then reactive. Its always more prudent to have more RAM and not use it and than not have enough in the first place.

Also, keep in mind, threat prevention blades and related processes tend to cosume more RAM than regula ones.

Hope that helps!

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There are a lot of “it depends” answers to this question.
For example, what precise hardware are we talking about?
Is it a standalone box or is it managed externally with a Smart-1?
What is the expected number of connections/throughput?

As a partner, you should have access to the Appliance Sizing Tool in PartnerMap.
This along with a cpsizeme output (uploaded into AST) should help you determine if the existing appliance can handle the expected load of adding the blades or not.
For more detailed discussions, your Check Point SE should be able to assist.

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