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internal error occurred during the verification process - Policy verification failed

Hello Moderators,

At the moment, i am get below error when installing the policy. The environment is MDS (R80.10) and R75.40 (Secure Platform) gateway.

"internal error occurred during the verification process - Policy verification failed"

I checked the error on support center and it seems sk112824 fits into the error. But following this sk still i am getting same error.


14/12/18 11:52:09,900 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: Starting policy installation for domain 'CPMGMT' (id: 1e6043e1-c430-4b7e-9a43-c2d2f4110957) by administrator 'admin', session id: YeNqWedjDPmW0LYFvITcaB5y00w8e_HNLF5pzu7Y_MQ.
Full policy installation request: InstallPolicyRequest{taskId=f25d5be1-aff1-49cd-82ec-eb513303517f,,, currentPolicyId=null, policyPacakgeId=743e7512-232b-46fe-bc3d-c3753bc59736, iconPath='null', responseDetailsWindowNavigationPath='cp://PolicyManager/InstallPolicyProgress', responseDetailsWindowNavigationTitle='Install Policy Details', clusterInstallOnAllMembers=true, installOnEachSelectedGw=true, compileOnly=false, fastInstallPolicy=false, checkPolicyMismatch=false, workSession=null, policyChangeReason='null', generatePolicyChangeAuditLog=false, preVerifyCheckType=DONT_CHECK}
14/12/18 11:52:09,902 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: Starting to verify install policy permissions
14/12/18 11:52:09,943 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: Logging into worksession '6dece442-85d7-4549-979c-20dd80dfcba9'
14/12/18 11:52:09,967 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: Session id after logging in: 'Ti1865HcfBFkZDzqgb3x211l-8e6WtQWt-ch3f_znP8'
14/12/18 11:52:10,046 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: Starting preVerifyInternal
14/12/18 11:52:10,046 INFO [qtp-2077893249-11263]: preVerifyInternal - PreVerifyCheckType = DONT_CHECK. Skipping pre verify.
14/12/18 11:52:10,629 INFO [taskExecutor-42]: Starting to dump legacy data. Calling thread: taskExecutor-52 (id: 11507)
14/12/18 11:52:10,725 INFO [taskExecutor-48]: Dump IPS Layer objects
14/12/18 11:52:10,761 INFO [taskExecutor-48]: Dump IPS exception rules
14/12/18 11:52:12,957 INFO [taskExecutor-33]: Ending dump
14/12/18 11:52:13,664 INFO [taskExecutor-42]: Ended to dump legacy data
14/12/18 11:52:13,665 INFO$PolicyLoadTask.doWork:28 [taskExecutor-27]: Starting to loading policy 'R7540' for product 'Access' on 1 gateways. Calling thread: taskExecutor-52 (id: 11507)
14/12/18 11:52:16,391 ERROR [taskExecutor-27]: Execution for instance 56703e8a-29de-48fc-a386-1bacc92818e8 had failed due to an execution exception
org.apache.commons.exec.ExecuteException: Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1)
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.executeInternal(
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor.access$200(
at org.apache.commons.exec.DefaultExecutor$
14/12/18 11:52:16,391 ERROR [taskExecutor-27]: All policy loading commands had failed due to execution exceptions
14/12/18 11:52:16,391 INFO [taskExecutor-27]: Loader executions completed
14/12/18 11:52:16,392 INFO [taskExecutor-27]: Command's full output:
WARNING: license for 'filter' expires in less than a week
**##MSG_IDENTIFY##**2&2&Internal error occurred during the verification process&<NULL>&<NULL>&0&<NULL>
**##MSG_IDENTIFY##**2&2&Policy verification failed.&<NULL>&<NULL>&1&<NULL>
**##PERF_MSG_IDENTIFY##** {"duration_data":[{"duration":0.0,"name":"duration_of_legacy_verification"}]}

Policy Installation Debugs:

[FWM 25753 4036295104]@CP-MDS[14 Dec 12:15:56] Failed to read AccessCtrlRulebase_2.C file.
[FWM 25753 4036295104]@CP-MDS[14 Dec 12:15:56] Failed to read file 'am_rulebase' Conversion can not be performed.
[FWM 25753 4036295104]@CP-MDS[14 Dec 12:15:56] Failed to read file 'am_exceptions' Conversion can not be performed.

I followed the solution steps but issue not resolved.

Please guide.


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I would try a reboot, if the error persists, restore a working backup or call CP TAC.

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