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hello :) i am new in vsx firewall could you lead me to untouch appliance.

I need very fundamental this to know about vsx firewall, and what thing should I have to keep in mind and from first to last steps I need to follow (initial configuration)

like default route toward isp 

allowing https traffic and all other kinda stuff

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Its not a simple answer I'm afraid. I suggest you read VSX administration guide or better get Checkpoint training. You will need solid fundamental knowledge about Checkpoint architecture and setup to start with.


You can ask specific questions here of course, but you would be well served getting some training from a local ATC or partner.


VSX is a rather complicated product, so in addition to "usual" knowledge about CP blades and configuration, you have a lot of very VSX-specific things to learn, and experience is needed for understanding. A lot of customers use CP professional services at least for firast time configuration, and having TAC on standby during larger changes in configuration is mostly very valuable...

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