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gateway license upgrade

Hi Mates ,

I have a gateway license (Open server ) and I would like to add  NGTP blades and user directory license into it . my sales rep is saying if I buy a new appliances  is cheaper to upgrade my current license . could you please help me for this .

gateway has:
IPS until 1 May 2018

SMS has:
Network Policy
Endpoint Policy

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I give you an answer, but have to admit that i am a technician, not from sales & licensing 😉

- Upgrading the GW to NGTP is possible by trade-in of the IPS blade for an NGTP blade bundle, you will also get a rebate for march - mai IPS services already payed

- Adding a UD blade to the SMS is also possible (although not found in the official price list), but: UD blade sold as a seperate product is not cheap and it can be convenient to do a trade-in of the management license to a e.g. Open Server 5GW with Single domain bundle that includes LDAP UD.

- Trading in the SW bundle for an appliance does not help with UD blade, as the only appliances including it are the Smart-1 405 and up Management Only units.

But the most important point here is: Your sales rep has to get a good quote for you and make you happy !


Thanks for your help .

what is different between SMS user directory and global properties user directory ?

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It's hard to give general advice on this because the specific details matter quite a bit (SKUs involved, etc).

If you want to send me the specifics in a private message, I'm happy to give you a second opinion.

Generally speaking, you can trade in existing legacy licenses for newer licenses and receive a discount for doing so.

The exact discount will vary depending on the SKU, what you're purchasing, any promotions that may be going on, and so on.

There are some cases where one cannot add onto existing legacy licenses and a trade-in must be performed to get new functionality.

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