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cluster_ID_value with R80.30 (jumbo) and R81+

Hello -- it appears that command I'm familiar with has been deprecated with recent JUMBO on R80.30 and beyond.

Ultimately, I need to check/validate the cluster_ID_value.   

The command I'm familiar with is as follows:

(expert mode)  # cphaconf cluster_id get

(expert mode)  # cphaconf cluster_id set  <value>

This syntax doesn't work on R80.30 with recent Jumbo and suggests you read of sk25977.

However, the SK25977 only references this specific command and not a replacement for R80.30+ with JUMBO, R81+, etc.

Connecting multiple clusters to the same network segment (same VLAN, same switch)

Please help.   -GA

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R80.30 with 3.10 kernel?

Per R80.40 (sk160736) and above:

  • Support for Cluster Control Protocol (CCP) in Unicast mode for any number of cluster members eliminating the need for CCP Broadcast, Multicast or Automatic modes.
  • Eliminated the need for MAC Magic configuration when several clusters are connected to the same subnet.
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