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White Paper - Central Deployment Tool (CDT), Blink and Zero Touch




As the rate of consumption of applications grows exponentially in today’s complex IT environment, traditional practices and upgrade methods need to evolve to the automation and orchestration levels of the dev-ops world. Cluster upgrades have been a tedious manual process until now. Check Point’s Central Deployment Tool (CDT) is a utility that runs on Security Management Servers and Multi-Domain Security Management Servers running Gaia OS. This utility lets you manage deployment of software packages from your Management Server to multiple managed Security Gateways and cluster members at the same time. As soon as the command is executed, parallel instillations on multiple gateways and clusters is now possible even unattended. You can add some actions to be performed before and after the installations, monitor the progress, and you will get notifications by mail on any error and on completion. CDT allows for installation of software packages, take snapshots, run shell scripts, push/pull files, automate the RMA backup and restore process, and much more. CDT handles cluster upgrades automatically, including Connectivity Upgrade (CU).

Gaia Fast Deployment mechanism called "Blink" allows users fast and easy deployment of cleanly installed Check Point Security Gateways and Security Managements. Upon completion of the deployment process, user gets a cleanly installed machine (with completed First Time Configuration Wizard), desired Hotfixes, and updated signatures for Software Blade installed. Blink allows for deployment within ~5-7 minutes for Security Gateway and ~10-16 for Security Management of a cleanly installed Security Gateway or Security Management (Blink Image), including desired hotfix packages, and updated Software Blades signatures.

Zero Touch is a Check Point cloud deployment service. It enables the initial deployment of multiple Gaia gateways. The administrator applies the initial deployment configuration for the gateways in the Zero Touch portal. When a gateway is connected to the internet for the first time, it fetches the settings automatically. The settings from the Zero Touch server replace the First Time Configuration Wizard. The combination of CDT, Blink, and Zero Touch will transform and increase the speed of deployment for Check Point physical and virtual appliances.


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