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What is Kernel according this output?

What's the means of Kernel according this output?:


# fw ctl affinity -l
eth1: CPU 4
eth5: CPU 0
eth2: CPU 4
eth3: CPU 0
eth7: CPU 4
Mgmt: CPU 0
Kernel fw_0: CPU 7
Kernel fw_1: CPU 3
Kernel fw_2: CPU 6
Kernel fw_3: CPU 2
Kernel fw_4: CPU 5
Kernel fw_5: CPU 

This device has 8 Virtual CPU, therefore this device shows only six Kernel instances.

I'd like me known why is it?, I honestly don't understand.


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Gateway CPUs are necessarily split between two functions:

  • Firewall Kernel (fwk, or workers), which perform various security tasks
  • Secure Network Distributor (SND), which are assigned to send traffic to/from the NICs

On an 8 core box, the default is a 2/6 split (2 SNDs, 6 workers).
This distribution can be changed either manually (requires a reboot) or, in R80.40+ with Dynamic Workloads, will adjust on the fly. 

You can find more about CoreXL and SecureXL in the community or read the following SK for more details:

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Hi PhoneBoy


Thanks a lot for your answer, perfect so 6 Kernels that i saw previously are equal to workers, (0 and 4 SNDs and  1,2,3,5,6,7 fw kernel) It's correct?.

I appreciate your support.

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Yes, this is the default for an 8 core box.

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