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VSX: Migrate Interfaces to 10G-Bond

Hey there

We are running a HA-Pair of two VSX12200 with 4 virtual firewalls in Load-Sharing-Mode (VSLS).
As of today, each of the virtual firewalls has his own dedicated 1G-Interface with a vlan-trunk.

  • eth0: Vlan-Trunk (16 vlans), vfw-customer-01
  • eth1: Vlan-Trunk (72 vlans), vfw-customer-02
  • eth2: Vlan-Trunk (73 vlans), vfw-customer-03
  • eth3: Vlan-Trunk (24 vlans), vfw-customer-04
  • eth7: Sync
  • Mgt: Management
  • eth1-01: new 10G slave interface for bond1
  • eth1-02: new 10G slave interface for bond1

We want to move all Vlans/Interfaces (excluding mgt & sync) to a new 10G Bond (2 slave interfaces).
According to the R80.10 documentation i would use the following procedure:

  1. CLI: Create new bond interface on both physical members (bond1, lacp/802.3ad)
  2. SmartConsole: Open Cluster-Object -> Physical Interfaces -> Add -> bond1, tick Vlan-Trunk
  3. SmartConsole: Open Cluster-Object -> Topology -> Open each slave interface properties (eth1-01, eth1-02) and select bond-interface
  4. SmartConsole: Install the Policy
  5. CLI: Reconfigure topology with "vsx_util change_interfaces" for each interface (eth0 -> bond1, eth1 -> bond1, ...)
  6. SmartConsole: Install the Policy

Am i missing something important or is this the way to move all Vlans to a new interface-bond?

At the moment, i can't see the eth1-01 and eth1-02 interfaces in topology view (see screenshot).
I assume they will show up, once the bond1 is created, correct?

Thanks and kind regards,


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I'll try to bump the thread back up and hope someone can answer my question. Thanks!

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When you add physical interfaces to your machine, then will NOT automagically be added to the topology, you need to add them manually, but as they are the interfaces used by your bond they do not need to be in the topology. Actually you don't even want them there.
Regards, Maarten


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