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VSX Bridge Mode VS

Hi ,


Trying to create a Bridge Mode VS in a VSX HA Cluster. This Cluster contains other Layer 3 VS's. I have read the User Manual and bit confused what options I need to choose . I assume following are correct.


VSX is running on R80.10 Take 203 Active/Standby

1. Go to each Cluster member, cpconfig and  Enable ClusterXL for Bridge Active/Standby, Reboot.

2.  Go to Smart Console, Cluster Object Properties, Other, VSX Bridge Configuration, Select "Check Point ClusterXL", install the VSX Policy

3. Create a VS with Bridge Mode selected and configure 2 interfaces.

Could you confirm above steps are correct ?


Also which file contains the VSX Cluster specific configuration ( I mean file name in the VSX Member) ? 

Thanks for your help




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