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VPN IPSec Throughtput and Tunneling

Hi, Community

I´d like to know the IPSEC Site to Site VPN tunnel limit on 6700 PLUS appliance model and its VPN IPSEC Throughtput.

-The data sheet only says something about VPN Throughput (Gbps), but it doesn´t mention if it refers to "site to site vpn" or   connection limit.

Other vendors mentioned it clearly in their datasheet like, for example, 200 VPN IPSEC tunnels. Do you know if theres an article or SK where can find this information? 

Also no limit for SSL remote access VPN limit is mentioned, how many users can support a 6700 PLUS model ?



Thank´s for your support

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I believe below post might be helpful, but not sure there is say "hard" limit on number of s2s sites or number of clients.


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Employee Employee

The datasheet VPN numbers are bandwidth/throughput figures per the corresponding RFC that defines those tests.

Andy is correct, a lot of these metrics are influenced by how else the appliance is being used in terms of the actual traffic volumes and enabled security functions.

For the 6700 you are probably looking at up to 3,000 - 4,000 concurrent remote access users under ideal conditions depending on exactly how it is deployed.

For detailed sizing please consult your local SE or partner.

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