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Appliance TE250X is not up again after reboot ( upgrade)

Hi All,


I planned for upgrading sandblast TE250X from R80.30 take 200 to R81.10 via CPUSE.

for process installation  on webUI seems normal but after the process reboot, it's seems stuck and I can still ping the sanblast.

but if I open smartconsole and web UI, status sandblast still not connected.


it is normal? since sandblast have some VM, I think that's make sandblast will have extra time for reboot.

If my explanation is not clear, please let me know.


Thanks Regards

Dio Aditya Pradana

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Employee Employee

What activities did you attempt after, did you already try installing policy post upgrade?

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Hi @Chris_Atkinson 

I am sorry this problem has been resolved by reboot that sandblast from switch.

Before that i want install policy for changing object version but seemsly management still see sandblast version still R80.30 and if i want test SIC status on sandblast it's not working.


But everything is back to normal after reboot appliance and check again on webUI and smartconsole.



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