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VPN Community star with multiple center gateway

VPN Community configured as star with multiple center gateway want to understand how satellite will select one of center gateway to route traffic to other satellite.

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Site to Site VPN R80.10 Administration Guide - Multiple Entry Point (MEP) 

  • First to Respond, in which the first Security Gateway to reply to the peer Security Gateway is chosen. An organization would choose this option if, for example, the organization has two Security Gateways in a MEP configuration - one in London, the other in New York. It makes sense for peers located in England to try the London Security Gateway first and the NY Security Gateway second. Being geographically closer to the peers in England, the London Security Gateway will be the first to respond, and becomes the entry point to the internal network. See: First to Respond.
  • VPN Domain, is when the destination IP belongs to a particular VPN domain, the Security Gateway of that domain becomes the chosen entry point. This Security Gateway becomes the primary Security Gateway while other Security Gateways in the MEP configuration become its backup Security Gateways. See: By VPN Domain.
  • Random Selection, in which the remote peer randomly selects a Security Gateway with which to open a VPN connection. For each IP source/destination address pair, a new Security Gateway is randomly selected. An organization might have a number of machines with equal performance abilities. In this case, it makes sense to enable load distribution. The machines are used in a random and equal way. See: Random Selection.
  • Manually set priority list, Security Gateway priorities can be set manually for the entire community or for individual satellite Security Gateways. See: Manually Set Priority List.
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