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Upgrade from R77.30 to R80.30 fwk process error

I can't push policy after this upgrade. SIC is established and communicating on the physical firewall but not the VSX hosts. If you look below, the fwk process is not starting. Has anyone seen this before?

VS 6:

[Expert@FW-DR:6]# vsx stat -v
Error: The fwk process is down for vsid 6 (Please retry when the process is back up).

VS 0:

[Expert@FW-DR:0]# vsx stat -v

VSX Gateway Status
Name: FW-DR
Access Control Policy: FW-DR_VSX
Installed at: 17Apr2020 12:43:32
Threat Prevention Policy: <No Policy>
SIC Status: Trust

Number of Virtual Systems allowed by license: 25
Virtual Systems [active / configured]: 0 / 2
Virtual Routers and Switches [active / configured]: 14 / 14
Total connections [current / limit]: 32 / 14900

6 | S DRFW01 | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown

I get this error when installing policy:
Installation failed. Reason: Authentication error [ SIC error no. 147 ] check that peer SIC is configured properly and that system date and time on the Security Management Server and peer are synchronized

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Open a TAC case, this should really be handled by support.
Regards, Maarten

5 hours into one. I will let this thread know the fix.