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Unable to Trace from Inside Network to External Network after upgrading from R77.30 to R80.20

Hi Team,

We have upgraded our Firewall from R77.30 (CP 4800 Appliance) to R80.20 (CP 5800 Appliance). And we have the same set of rules and policy from existing Management to New Management. But after upgrading to R80.20, we are unable to Tracert the IP/URL from Inside Network to External Network but we are not getting any drops on logs and zdebug. However, we are able to ping/telnet the IP/URL from Inside to External.

While tracing any IP/URL, packet it entering in Firewall Inside Interface but it's not going out through External Network and in Logs, it's not showing any drops. However, when we are tracing the same IP/URL from Firewall Gateway itself, it's working fine and able to Trace successfully.

Can anyone please help us with this concern and do let us know if any information is required.




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Issue fixed after running this command on Gateways:-

fw ctl set int fw_allow_simultaneous_ping 1.

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