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URLF filter application missing.

I have a url I'm trying to get to, but its being dropped because URLF has identified the application as SPAM.  Normally, no big deal, just write a rule that allows that application.  However, when I search the app wiki, or applications on the gateway, it doesn't exist, so now I get to play the kabuki dance game trying to figure out a combination of urls that will properly identify the application and allow it to pass.  So.. How is it an application in the logs, but not as an object I use?  dxp.JPG

I did find a combination of things to use to make it work, but its annoying that its a defined application in the log, but no where else.

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There is not a specific application signature for the site.
In which case, you need to create either a local category override or a custom application signature for the site in question.
Then create the appropriate policy rule.
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