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Traffic Reports

We have a customer requirement to have traffic reports. We need the report to extract the amount of data that passes through each WAN interface on de the gateway.
For example, the gateway have two wan interfaces. So, how many gigabytes has passed on interface 1 and how much has passed on interface 2 ?

We using a R80.40.

**Sorry for any mistake in English¨**

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with monitoring blade, but not is report. It only view real time

Roberto Panta
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A little-known feature is that the SmartView Monitor does have some historical reporting capabilities; these were covered on pages 464-466 of the latest edition of my Max Power book.  However these historical reports may have limited data unless you have set these checkboxes on the gateway/cluster object (they aren't enabled by default):



Once those have checkboxes been enabled and policy installed, in SmartConsole go to Device & License information for the gateway in question, then select Traffic...Top Interfaces.  Now select the "New" button as shown here:



This screen will give you the option to select a History report instead of Real Time which is the default:



Then select which data elements & timeframe you want in your historical report on the Traffic History tab:


Many of the Traffic and System Counters reports have historically-based reports available, it is just a matter of creating a custom report query to see them since real-time mode is the default.

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