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Stability issues R80.40 on-going from install

We have run into a serious issue in the last several weeks where both of our Azure perimeter firewalls randomly crash every few days.   I'm curious if anybody else is observing this behavior and if they have any workarounds.   Checkpoint TAC is investigating but perhaps somebody else is already of aware of this and developed a work around while TAC completes their research.  Not sure if this is just effecting Azure based firewalls or all firewalls?

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Why R80.40 and not R81.10?
"Crash" can mean a lot of different things.
In order to provide any useful advice, we need more details about your configuration and the precise behavior you're seeing.

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'Crash' can mean a lot of different things - in our case it means the gateways reload at inopportune times.  With respect to R81.10, we've been waiting for R81.20 before going through that exercise but would move much earlier if we were assured there are no stability issues in the R81.x release at all - something I doubt is true.

So for us, and the reason for my post, is simply to ask if our experience common among other customers and if so how did they get to a stable place? 

Here is what happened in better detail:

We were standardized on R80.40 GA Take 154 but were experiencing reloads every 4 to 6 weeks.  We were able to manage this with scheduled reboots during controlled service windows.  Recently we were encouraged to move to GA Take 161 as it addressed some stability issues and TAC wanted to see if ours were addressed by applying it.  Once on T161, we saw stability for about two weeks then we suffered unexpected reloads mid-day. Core dump analysis showed 'bad magic' errors that are apparently partially addressed in GA Take 173 but fully fixed in OG Take 180.

Under duress, we moved from GA Take 161 to OG Take 180 - and while that did take care of the 'bad magic' errors, it caused new crashes - usually in twos, one reboot with core dump generation followed by another between 15 and 45 minutes later.

Now we are trying to find our way back to a more workable deployment while R&D sort out the latest issue.

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I've been running R81.10 with jumbo 66 in production for a hair over two months at a company big enough to have multiple diamond engineers. It has been extremely solid for us.

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We also have rebooting issues in Azure with a R80.40 CheckPoint HA Cluster.
The cluster members rebooted/crashed every 40-60 minutes.
TACs first attempt was to upgrade to JHF 173. Did not help. Then TAC obviously reviewed the Dump Files and next attempt was to disable SNMP.
This worked! Now we wait for a fix.

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take a look at the following topic, I have also some problems with this release. Maybe you experienced the same:

R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator - New GA Take #173




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Hi Gus,

Can you share TAC ticket number?

Kind regards, Amir Senn