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Snmpv3 timeout on active CloudGuard Checkpoint GW



Does any one experiencing issue with snmpv3 on CloudGuard GW in AWS. Issue is seen only on the active node, active and standby have the same configuration for snmpv3. When agent is restarted and/or snmp user renewed it started working again and after some time again failed, Snmpwalk is outputting only timeout during the issue is present. All snmp configuration was renewed except the monitoring interface as it is only one and can not be removed. After renewal or restarting of the agent it starts to work.

Other node "standby" is working fine with the same settings.

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That sounds like a bug and recommend a TAC case to assist.

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I am also facing the same issue but not with CloudGuard. We have restarted the firewall and issue seems to be fixed. But all of a sudden we are getting this SNMP timeout issue with all firewalls. Also when we tried to do ssh the session gets hangs.

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