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Snapshot Export in R80.10

For those of you trying to perform the export and failing to do so, note that when you execute "Export" from WebUI, after creation of the archive completed, which is indicated by the message and the progress bar status, there is a noticeable pause before "Download" button appears in the dialog box.

If you do not see it, wait and DO NOT click on "OK", as this will nullify the export procedure.

After some 30 seconds to a minute, the "Download" button appears in the same dialog box and you can proceed with it. 

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Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy


I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why the export was not working.


That's why I've shared my experience:)

FYI: in case you did not run into this one: DO NOT use spaces or special characters in BOTH: the name of the snapshot and in its DESCRIPTION Smiley Happy


Thank you for the additional information. I am redoing my snapshot now. I had spaces in the description.


I did not wait! oops. redoing the snapshot now. Thanks for the tips! 

The option to even click ok IMO is silly as it cancels the entire procedure. 

Here is what it should look like with the download button. 

This is what it should look like when the download button appears.