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Sites of google like,gmail,youtube not working

There is issue of opening google sites eg. gmail,youtube,google map on specific ISP link. On other ISP link it works fine. More if we connect ISP directly to laptop then sites opened without issues. HTTPS inspection is disabled. The firewall in Active active clusterxl.

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Ok, so what's the difference between traffic going through one ISP and the other?

What information do you see in the logs when access is attempted?

What do the users see?

The more information you provide, the more we can help.

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Do your NAT rules match the actual ISP link?

I had a nice case this week that was due to NAT rules that didn't match the ISP redundancy policy. Then you will never see a response on the outbound SYN packets as the source IP address of the outbound SYN packet is not correct for that link. If you don't use HIDE BETWEEN GATEWAY you may have incorrect NAT rules if you have multiple active ISP links.

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