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Single gateway with 1 ISP built site-to-site VPN to remote 3rd party gateway with 2 ISPs

Our company is using one standalone Checkpoint gateway and had already built one site-to-site VPN to branch office which is using a 3rd party gateway.

Now the branch office had added one more ISP, which make them have two public IPs from two different ISPs. They want to build one more VPN to us, and if their first ISP link failed, they will failover to the 2nd one and VPN tunnel remain function.

So the situation is as below:

Head Office: single gateway with 1 ISP (1 public IP)

Branch Office: single 3rd party gateway with 2 ISPs (2 different public IPs)

How Checkpoint need to setup to fulfill this requirement?

From previous posts, I saw someone suggested build 2 VPN tunnels with route-based VPN. Could someone provide some ideas or guidelines is this approach working? Thanks.

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