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SSL inspection certificate outbound - validity 398 days

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for renew my SSL inpsection certificate and I don't know the validity periode to set. before it was 4 years but wiht the apple annonce that the TLS server certificates issued on or after September1, 2020 must not have a validity period greater than 298 days, I d'ont know if I need to set a validity period of 1 year, otherwise the certificate will be not trusted right ? 

If someone can help me





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Let me tell you what we did for a customer with bunch of mac computers. After countless hours on the phone with TAC and no one really having a clear idea, we opted to use identity agent for mac and this works perfect. Agent authenticates to firewall, then to AD in turn. Cert is valid for 10 years and works fine on ALL browsers on mac. If you like, I can help you on remote session offline.


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