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SNMP not showing Tunnels on Standby Member (but not always)

Hi there,


We are monitoring multiple clients firewall clusters. 


On a select few the VPN tunnels are only shown via SNMP on the active member.


If the standby becomes active - then the VPN tunnels SNMP  "moves " in our monitoring systems.


When doing a vpn tu - we see the tunnels on both the active and standby members .


Why would this be any different for SNMP ?


Anyone else getting this behaviour ?

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Hi ,


Was trying to find some type of commonality between the clients that exhibit this issue and ones that do not exhibit this.


It seems that is might be that the firewalls running within a Hypervisor (vmware or hyper-v) might be having this issue .

(but most of the clients that we have running actual Check Point appliances dont seem to exhibit this behaviour)


Could this be the cause ? 


(weird if it is )

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