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802.3ad Transmit Hash Policy

Looking for some guidance on interface bond configuration facing cisco switches. Customer has a cisco switch configured with a port-channel and load balancing set to src-mac connected into a bonded interface configured as lacp 802.3ad, transmit-hash-policy layer2. 
The switch was recently introduced into the environment and we are seeing stats on the cisco interfaces that belong to the port-channel which suggest 1st interface is transmitting and the 2nd interface receiving. Therefore we looking to change the load balancing setting on the switch to "src-dst-ip" however I am also questioning the configuration on the fw bond interface. Configured for 802.3ad, is the "transmit-has-policy layer2" setting even relevant (if the bond is not configured for XOR), or should this be changed to layer3+4?

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LACP layer3+4 would be my recommendation if changing the switch to src-dst-ip

Depending on version also suggested a Jumbo including PMTR-60804


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