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R81.10 - ifconfig unable to print a large number of interfaces.


Just thought I would bring this little nugget to the community.

We are running R81.10 with JHFA45 on VSX. We have a  number of VS's that have a large number of logical interface i.e. more then 200!

When running 'ifconfig -a' on the CLI for a specific VS we experienced the below error:
# ifconfig -a
/bin/ line 179: /bin/echo: Argument list too long

Raised a TAC case and the following solution was provided.

- backup /usr/bin/
- vi /usr/bin/ and then find 'function print'
   See below:
   function print_output(){
             /bin/echo -e "$script_output"
- replace the above with:
   function print_output(){
    while [[ $script_output ]]; do
                         if [[ $script_output = *'\n'* ]]; then
                         /bin/echo -e "$line"
- save the file and then the issue should be resolved.

I've requested this resolution is integrated into a jumbo take.  The fix id related to this is : PRJ-40034.  

- Thanks TAC!

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