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R80.40 VSX - Issues with routed

Everything in R80.40 Take 94, VSX + SMS.

It seems I keep on hitting issues with the routed process in R80.40 and VSX. I already reported here an issue when routing would stop for few minutes then start again, then I recently had a couple of other issues.

First, a route would start getting dropped by anti-spoofing when nothing changed routing-wise, even the accept and subsequent drop logs show the same inbound interface for the flow. Removing and re-entering the static route solved the issue.

Recently, I had dhcp relay on some interfaces which stopped working apparently randomly. VSLS the affected VS solves the issue.

There are entries in /var/log/routed_messages_vs.<x> and I have a case open, I wonder if others have encountered a similar issue?

It's a new setup so no chance for leftovers of previous versions. Clean install and restoration in VSX cluster didn't help either.

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