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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

R80.20/R80.10 MTA now includes AV blade features


so with the following MTA takes you got AV blade support INSIDE MTA for R80.10 and R80.20:



Take 21

  • Alignment to R80.20 MTA engine update
    • Anti-Virus over MTA support



Take 7


The following are available in R80.20 Gateway & Management:

  • Anti-Virus over MTA support

Mail Transfer Agent Update - What's New 

Make sure you have installed latest take via CPUSE:

AV configuration

So with these takes you get AV feature inside MTA.

This means you configure AV as usual in your profile and this will be enforced on email inside MTA (no stream blocking issues anymore):

AV action

The action that is taken by AV is shared also with TE in this section of the TP profile:

AV logging

After enabling you will see malicious AV events in MTA:

AV file type blocking

You can also leverage AV´s file blocking capabilities including Magic Byte detection.

Here is a sample configuration to block all Executables directly attached to email messages:

And the related log:

Regards Thomas

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