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Employee Alumnus

R80.20 MTA logging and monitoring enhancements

This is available with R80.20 Mgmt & MTA running on R80.20 GW

1) MTA Logs

Within your logs you now get Postfix logs in the GUI - just filter for blade:MTA

You can see mail queue ID and even the E-Mail headers in the log.

Also it is possible to see all logs tied to an email by setting the "Original Queue ID" as a filter:

In the sample above yoou can see that the email logged as MTA log also created a TE log.

2) MTA Monitoring

You get new Views in SmartEvent.

a)  MTA Overview

General statistics about mail processing. Note that almost all graphs are clickable to drill-down to the relevant logs:

b) MTA Live Monitoring

Here you can get a live view and statistics about your MTA queue. You can even manipulate items in the Postfix queue:

c)  MTA  Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot errors that appeared while processing emails:

Again you can drill-down by clicking the graphs/items:



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do we need to enable anything to get those logs since none are shown with "blade:MTA" filter?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

R80.20 Mgmt in combination with R80.10/R80.20 GW with latest MTA take will do.

Regards Thomas


Hi Thomas,

The new MTA logging is a really nice feature.
One thing we found. The new MTA views are only working if Threatextraction or threatemulation blade is enable. Without this you couldn‘t get any data. We had some customer running MTA but without TE and it would be nice to get the new views.



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