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Questions PRB

Hello friends, how are you?
Can someone help me?
Regarding the topology below, it follows some questions.

Server must be routed via PBR. The server must access the Internet through the local link.
My suggestion for PBR routing is:

set pbr table ROUTERMPLS static-route default nexthop gateway address priority 1

set pbr rule priority 1 match from

set pbr rule priority 1 action table ROUTERMPLS

In the opinion of friends, is that correct?

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If your goal is to route "internet-bound" traffic from that one host over the MPLS link, I believe you have it correct.


Hello Dameon, thanks for your answer.

Note that NAT occurs in a cluster that is not in the same location as the server.
The requisitions will arrive in another location and should be directed to the same place that they arrived.
The default gateway for other devices in the locality is the local link.
Thank You.
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