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Question regarding 'fwaccel dos'


We have tried to configure the DoS mitigation feature 'fwaccel dos' on a single destination ip, however, we recently had an issue where it ended up blocking all connection attempts to that destination whatever source it came from. I assume that is by design, but I was wondering if it is possible to block for a single ip that generates a lot of traffic and not all connection attempts?

The way it seems to work is that if destination (our external ip) has x amount of connections from various sources (not just one) any connection attempt will be denied.

What we wish to achieve is that if src (attacker) has x amount of connections to destination (our external ip) then it (attacker ip) will be blocked.

I hope my question makes sense 🙂


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Yes, this is expected behavior unless you specified an explicit source in the fwaccel dos rule.
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