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Question about CIFS

Dear Experts,


We have come cross 2 SK about the CIFS , in the sk153832 it states as below:

CIFS full acceleration is not supported and should be taken as RFE in Solution Center.


But in sk106062 , it explains that bypass the cifs  can fully acceleated by Securexl :

Pass the CIFS traffic and check that it is fully accelerated by SecureXL.

Run fwaccel conns | grep '445' command.

There should not be "S" flag or "F" flag for port 445 (CIFS traffic).


Understand the CIFS can cause elephant flow , but may I know if there is conflicts between the 2 SKs?



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If you do full protocol Inspection on CIFS traffic (either access or threat prevention), it cannot be inspected in fastpath.
If it is allowed/bypassed by IP/port only (nothing protocol-specific), I believe it can be accelerated.

sk106062 refers to a bug that was fixed in R80.10 related to IPS and other blades.
The other SK you were probably looking at is an internal SK that was specific to R77.30, IPS, and disabling protocol inspections.
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