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Quantum Security Gateways version R80.40 Device Up time recommendations

I have came across multiple scenarios were trying to configure new settings for example reports over emails, scheduled backups.

All the settings were in place as per the configuration guide.

Device is running on R80.40

But particularly when i have done all the configuration for scheduled backup and then clicked on "Add" the settings doesn't save the dialog box doesn't close.

It only closes when clicked on "Cancel".

I came across that the device has an uptime of 373 days and in my so far experience of working on the device it was asked to keep the recommended up time of device as less than 90 days.

So, just want to confirm is there any such recommendations and if yes then why is it so.

Like what device behavioural changes or any affects on performance takes place when uptime is higher than 90 days.

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The "recommendation" really comes from patching the Gateways with JHFs at least a couple of times a year for security reasons / good hygiene after all these are security devices not routers.

That being said it will in some cases depend on the environment and their availability or compliance requirements.

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Do we have any sort of firm documentations like a SK or something like for it as it would help me have strong background to provide the same to clients.

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So far never come across any SK or documentation saying what is the best recommendation for the up time.

In my previous company, the SOP is to have an activity every 6 months to reboot the appliances. Guess it depends on your company policy 

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Historically, memory leakage has been an issue that could force a reboot and have performance issues if not addressed.

Secondly the recommendation if checking such as ISO27001 or similar, company normally implement some sort of lifecycle mgmt that requires patching of systems at least yearly. 
More or less best practice 🙂
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