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Problem with Identity Collector.


We are currently having problems with several AD users to apply their access policy correctly.

We are working with Identity Collector, and we have the impression, that the problem is between the negotiation/delivery of data from the IDC to the GW Cluster.

We have 2 clusters working, the credentials are sent correctly to Cluster#1, but not to Cluster#2.

A user, as "TEST1", his registration is displayed on Cluster#1 with the command "pdp monitor user test1", but if you do this same test on Cluster#2, he does not appear anywhere.

What is the correct way to "Update" the negotiation between the IDC and the GWs?
Is it simply restarting the server where the IDC agent is installed?
Can this help us to overcome the problem?

We have an open case with TAC, but we have no meaningful answer to help us, and it is becoming massive on the client.

We have R81.10


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Yes bro, best first step is to restart machine IC is installed on.


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