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Permitting internet on multiple networks

I have two vlans on my network, vlan 2 of and vlan 3 of, however, traffic on vlan 2 on which the LAN (eth0) interface is directly connected to can access internet and vlan 3 which is added to (eth0) as an alias with the IP address on the network is not accessing internet.


From the vlan 3 network, on the checkpoint, I cannot ping any client machine on the same network, however from the switch directly connected to the checkpoint firewall can ping the firewall and from firewall and computers on vlan 2 can ping each other.


I have permitted/accepted all traffic on both networks on and to  any/internet. but when I ping from a computer on vlan 3, I get an error of "address spoofing". see the image of the error log attached .

I will appreciate your support on this.


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