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One IP address from Network on Cluster and NAT


We have Cluster with CheckPoint 12600(R77.30). Cluster in Hight Availabilitity mode. And we need to connect to network with subnet So, one address 117 configureied to Checkpoint Cluster, other 118 to Gateway to remote network. So I was read this article 

And then I configuried on my nodes interfaces from Network and on topology configuried Cluster Interface Then I configuried static routes like this: masklen 30 gateway bond0.997 scopelocal; masklen 32 gateway;

I created manual rule for internal network like this:

src: localnet dst: - translate src:

src: localnet dst: - translate src:

But it is not working - icmp did not answer to this hosts. In logs I can see accepted messgages and in xltsrc i can see NATed address.

How Can I find where is problem?

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R77.30 is out of support since September 2019, and the 12600 has only one more month of Support left - so i wonder what you are trying to achieve here as HW/SW is very out of time...

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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