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New connections per second.

Why so different appliances, like the 5600 (950 SPUs) and the 15600 (3850 SPUs), have the same capacity in terms of  "new connections per second" ?

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I've always interpreted some of those specifications as minimal values the hardware is capable of, not ultimate capacities or maximums.

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I don´t think so. To me it is the maximum possible.

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Employee Alumnus

Connection rate is most effected by the number of CPU cores configured to run secureXL.

Today it is recommend to us up to 6 cores for secureXL. Beyond that it becomes inefficient as locking mechanisms take their toll.

R80.20 is being developed to enable greater scalability and modularity in software, required to utilize the new acceleration cards and other technologies down the road. It will deliver a significant increase in connection rate for Security Gateway Appliances that have enough cores to benefit from this enhancement.


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