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NGFW features resource overhead when switched on

I would like to get real life figures for the impact on resources in the 15400 appliances when enabling some or all of the software blades. Also, are there any dependencies on certain blades to enable other blades?

Lastly, has anyone done any tests to see whats better in terms of creating dedicated VSX's for some blades, or just switch them on across the board.

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The general guidance we can give is on the product datasheet for the 15400: 

More specific guidance can be obtained from your local SE.

Generally speaking, most of the NGFW and Threat Prevention blades use the same underlying engines.

This means that enabling any one of them will have roughly the same performance impact.

With VSX, I've seen customers do both different functions on different VSes and all functions on all VSes. 

That said, you might want to make sure you're using 64-bit VSes to ensure you are able to fully utilize memory in a given VS.

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