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NAT Pool Exhaustion

I had just encountered an issue where a firewall had an exhausted NAT pool.... it caused a bunch of intermittent issues with accessing the Internet and remote site resources. This was not specifically a Check Point gateway appliance, but it made me curious... how would this scenario be handled on a gateway running Gaia / NGFW? How can you see NAT pool usage or if the pool is exhausted? (given a basic setup with a couple of internal interfaces (LAN, DMZ), and an external interface. Hide NAT for internet bound traffic, etc.)

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Prior to R80.40 you had to run a variety of fw tab commands or utilize some great tools written by @Kaspars_Zibarts.  However in R80.40+ the monitoring capabilities in this area were significantly enhanced, as noted in the R80.40 addendum for my book:


Gateway Performance Optimization R81.20 Course
now available at

Thanks for the reply Tim.

So, I did come across sk156852 as I was poking around... sorry - I was quick to ask here without doing much looking on my own as of yet 🙂

I did actually recently purchase the Max Power book... have not dove in yet though - awesome that this is in there!

Thank you!

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