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Microsoft Teams Dynamic Object doesn't include all required Teams assets

We added a specific rule allowing traffic for the dynamic objects "Microsoft Teams" and various sub-objects relative to Microsoft Teams, but upon attempting to connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting, or even to navigate to Microsoft's website to download the Teams client as an end user I am seeing logs being subject to SSL Inspection and the browser cannot load the page, never-ending spinning icon.

I cross-referenced Microsoft's published site list for Microsoft Teams and learned some of the required URL's are not part of the Checkpoint Dynamic Object for Microsoft Teams.

Who controls these dynamic objects and how can we get them updated so they function as intended without us having to manually manage bypass exception URL's?


Rule: Source:" Any" Destination: "Internet" Services and Applications: "Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams-download, Microsoft Teams-editing, Microsoft Teams-posting, Microsoft Teams-upload, Microsoft Teams-Web Tab"  Action: "Accept"



Log shows HTTPS inspection of the following URL's at the time the browser fails to load Teams:


Microsoft lists as part of the Microsoft Teams infrastructure. 

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Usually the list is 1:1 aligned to that provided by Microsoft to my knowledge, is it there under a different section or entirely missing?

Have you reported / investigated this with TAC?


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