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Machine Status is not available


I've appliances running on R81.10 (Take 66) as Active/Standby. From Smart console, I see each gateway is showing as 'OK' (GREEN) but Cluster object is marked as "Machine Status is not available" or "-"

Gateways are managed from R81.10 MDS/CMA (Domain) and Cluster XL works fine as expected (tested with clusterXL_admin down/up). This is the only Cluster which is throwing this error and license status is showing as 'OK' on both the gateways.

In cpconfig, I see Disable cluster membership for this gateway (Cluster is enabled) and SIC is also established/communicating.

I have tried rebooting the gateways, cpstop/cpstart but still the same. Noticed from primary CMA, this issue exists and from the secondary CMA, this is displaying as OK.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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Most probably, just a cosmetic issue. Engage with TAC if you need this fixed, please.